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Elder Law

You May Be Facing A Crisis

As a senior you face complex legal issues that younger generations often aren’t even aware of. Some actions you have taken throughout your life may have brought you unintended legal consequences. It is important for you to work with a firm that specializes in Elder Law. The Love Law Group can bring you that expertise. Our attorneys and team care about your future and are motivated to help you and your family explore the planning opportunities available and design the plan you choose.

We are experienced at creating solutions that address the following concerns:

How We Can Help

Pre-Crisis Legal Planning

Pre-Crisis Legal Planning

Crisis Legal Planning

Crisis Legal Planning

Our mission is to serve you through

Our Signature Approach:



Education is a top priority for The Love Law Group LLC. We teach you elder law planning options and equip you to decide what plan will best fit your needs. We offer no-cost seminars for you to come and learn without pressure to commit to our services. You deserve to understand what our services are and how they can meet your needs. Learn More >>


You deserve a listening ear. We take the time to hear your story in order to craft a plan that will fully meet your needs. Our team is prepared to serve you well through your legal journey. We will answer your questions and fulfill our promises each step of the way. This is a two-way relationship. Our team won’t talk at you. Instead we will communicate with you in a relatable way. We’re committed to bringing you experienced legal counsel in understandable terms.


We map out the process for you from beginning to end. In many of our services, particularly Asset Protection Planning, Elder Law, and Probate, the process may take months or years to fully execute. Our team develops a road map to guide you through these complex legal issues so that you know what to expect.


You may be wrought with fear about the unknown and wondering how you will navigate this new season of life. The Love Law Group empowers you with information and support during your legal journey. With the education you receive and your plan roadmap, you will leave our office equipped and confident looking toward the future.