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Helping Your Family Navigate the Unknown World of Probate

How do I even begin to walk through the probate process?

There was only about $5000 left in their name. Do I really need to go through probate to access it?

Probate sounds stressful and extremely difficult. How will I get through this?

Losing a loved one can leave you shattered and heartbroken. Learning that you must go through the probate process only increases your stress and sadness. An experienced attorney can help guide your family through this complex legal journey. The Love Law Group LLC can help walk with you through your Uncontested Probate experience.

We Provide Legal Services for Decedent Estates

Decedent Estate

When a person passes away leaving property in their name only, a decedent’s estate must be opened.  This probate process transfers property from the deceased individual to their heirs (spouse, children, etc.) or beneficiaries (people the deceased named in his/her Will). Our team will work with you to navigate the court process while keeping you informed. We have extensive experience in probate.  If you are the individual appointed as Personal Representative, we will work with you to teach you how to do your job as Personal Representative to avoid unnecessary risk and delay. A decedent’s estate can take several forms: full probate, small estate, determination of heirship, etc. In the State of Missouri, all of the different forms of probate involve a court procedure.

Our mission is to serve you through

Our Signature Approach:



Education is a top priority for The Love Law Group LLC. We teach you about the Probate process from start to finish. We will inform you how to best fulfill your role, whether as Personal Representative or Beneficiary.


You deserve a listening ear. Probate is often accompanied by a many different emotions. We will answer your questions and fulfill our promises each step of the way. This is a two-way relationship. Our team won’t talk at you. Instead we will communicate with you in a relatable way. We’re committed to bringing you experienced legal counsel in understandable terms.


We map out the process for you from beginning to end. In many of our services, particularly Asset Protection Planning, Elder Law, and Probate, the process may take months or years to fully execute. Our team develops a road map to guide you through these complex legal issues so that you know what to expect.


You may be wrought with fear about the unknown and wondering how to properly walk through this season of your life. The Love Law Group empowers you with information and support during your legal journey. With the education you receive and your plan roadmap, you will leave our office equipped and confident looking toward the future.