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Estate Planning

Planning Your Legacy for Life’s Critical Moments

I don’t have a huge “estate,” do I really need estate planning?

What is really necessary to keep my family protected from probate?

We are all healthy and have a long life ahead of us – is this really something we need to focus our time and energy on now?

No one wants to think about passing away. We like to believe that we will get to live forever, at our current state of health and well-being, or hopefully that it will improve over time! However, we all know that is likely not the case. You could be one phone call away from an unexpected health diagnosis, an accident that causes a major change in the family, or any number of devastating scenarios that could impact your family forever.

We all want to be able to manage our lives – whether it be our financial affairs or life planning decisions, etc. We assume that we will always be able to maintain control of what we do and what we have, but what happens when we aren’t able to make decisions for ourselves any longer? How can we plan in a way that will protect us from whatever may come our way?

Estate Planning can seem overwhelming. We will take time to sit with you and learn about your story and your planning desires. We’ll explain the estate planning process and provide you with reasonable options that fulfill your desires and fit within your budget. You are not merely another number to us. You have a unique family and asset structure that deserves our individual attention.

Our mission is to serve you through

Our Signature Approach:



Education is a top priority for The Love Law Group LLC. We teach you all of your estate planning options from the first appointment. You will learn the difference between a Will, a Trust, a Probate Avoidance Plan, an Asset Protection Plan, etc. and how each of these plans could be designed to benefit you and your family. You will understand what our services are and how they can meet your needs.


You deserve a listening ear. We take the time to hear your story in order to craft a plan that will fully meet your needs. Our team is prepared to serve you well through your legal journey. We will answer your questions and fulfill our promises each step of the way. This is a two-way relationship. Our team won’t talk at you. Instead we will communicate with you in a relatable way. We’re committed to bringing you experienced legal counsel in understandable terms.


We map out the process for you from beginning to end. In many of our services, particularly Asset Protection Planning, Elder Law, and Probate, the process may take months or years to fully execute. Our team develops a road map to guide you through these complex legal issues so that you know what to expect.


You may be wrought with fear about the unknown and wondering how to properly plan for this season of your life. The Love Law Group empowers you with information and support during your legal journey. With the education you receive and your plan roadmap, you will leave our office equipped and confident looking toward the future.